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Established in 1989. as a professional manufacturer and exporter of power cords,cord sets,connectors, extension cords,lamp cords,work lights and dc power cords,we specialize in the following products:


1. Power cords : Mainly used in Home appliance,equipment,power tools and so on;

2. Flexible cord sets: Material: PVC series,Transparent series,Rubber series,Teflon/silicon series,Thead weave series;

3.Lamp cords: used in work lamp,desk lamp and festival light;

4.Wire harness: main used in appliance,computer,equipment and auto bike;

5.Power connectors: IEC60320,Nema,European(IEC884)

6.Extension cord: for North America,Europe,Japan,Australia...

7.Cable reels:custom cable reel for Europe,America and Australia;

8.Industry extension cords:IP 44/67,16A/32A,(IEC60309);

9.DC power cord/plugs:used in auto,computer and so on;

10.Accessories:plug inserts,cigarette plug and sockets,current taps...

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