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VDE power cords(schuko receptacle)





schuko receptacle

(Schuko receptacle, with earthing contact, non-rewirable, moulded )

Rating: 16A     250V
Degree of protection: IP 20

Applicable Cords:
a) H05VV-F 0.75-1.5mm2×3c
b) H05V2V2-F 0.75-1.5mm2×3c
c) H05RR-F 0.75-1.5mm2×3c
d) H05RN-F 0.75-1.0mm2×3c
e) H07RN-F 1.0-1.5mm2×3c
f ) H03VV-F 0.75mm2×3c

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End Female :     

1.     ROJ;

2.     Connector;

3.     Terminals;

4.     Half-Remove;

5.     Soldering tin;

6.     Etc.

Representative application