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To promote the most powerful events of China Household Appliance industry
Today's China home appliances is experiencing an ascent from mass production to key technology exploring and brand strategy, embarking on the road towards an significant player on world arena, not merely a making machine. Foreseeable, China, the largest market, both in manufacturing and consuming as well, will witness expanding economy and national revenue. Facing to the unprecedented opportunity and challenge generated by the approaching Olympic Games, China Household Electronic Appliances Association, focuses on the industry advancement, has decided to name the show as "Appliance World Expo" and move the biannual show from Beijing to Shanghai, where the sector performs impressively as the institute unswervingly helps the show get wider international recognition.

With differed-themes, the dazzling sub-shows under China Household Appliance Expo will touch a string of areas in household sector and serves as platform to facilitate trade and exchange among companies in different needs. By integrating sub shows with supporting events, the showcasing event is to attract more eyeballs while welcoming cutting-edge technology and top-ranking brands across the world.

In the interest of sector growth, the sponsor wishes to work together with powerful exhibition corporation as a way to deliver satisfactory services for exhibitors and visitors. As the requirement goes, Triuni, has finally excelled other counterparts, based on their quality services. And we believe, joined by the professional organizer, we are able to build the show into a gorgeous event for International home appliance producers!

The home appliance industry not only ranks among the list of most competitive industries in China, but also will top other consuming market within the world dimension. It's a shared aspiration for the whole sector that China could be home to first-rate home appliance show.



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